Fall Arrest
Northern Steel Decking carry out the vast majority of our works at height. Therefore suitable fall arrest systems are of the highest priority. The primary method would be by the use of safety netting, however under certain circumstances (for example when installing decking to non-steel frame projects such as blockwork or concrete walls) air bags are required. NSD provide both safety netting and provision of air bags in house with our own equipment stock and labour.  NSD are a FASET registered safety netting company in our own right, as such we do not need to subcontract this element of our works. We undergo our annual audit which examines closely all our internal systems to ensure compliance with FASET requirements.  The technical side of fall prevention and fall arrest has moved away from simple strength issues and has embraced energy absorption as the fundamental principle governing the design and the performance. It is of vital importance that in order to work as an effective system we ensure the following points are adhered to: – Nets comply with BS EN 1263-1 – Rigging is carried out by riggers who are fully qualified – Equipment is systematically maintained using modern lightweight safety nets fitted as close to the work position as possible by our own directly employed FASET trained riggers. By fitting safety nets closely to the working level they prevent a fall causing personnel injury and also offer a collective level of protection, as such, they are an improvement on the use of harnesses and lanyards.   FASET is the trade association and training body for the safety net rigging and fall arrest industry worldwide. FASET has been growing in membership as companies have begun to realise the benefits of being associated with the high standards represented by the association. All members undergo a rigorous audit to ensure management systems are in place.
Metal Decking
We are established as experienced installers of a wide range of floor decking products, having carried out the installation over 5 million square metres in the past decade. Northern Steel Decking has an extensive estimating department who process in excess of 120 new enquiries every month. We can offer advice on budgets for early stage projects right through to agreeing robust lump sum fixed prices for our clients and entering into contract. Once a project is secured the estimating department conducts a thorough handover meeting with the operations department. This includes our full in house drawing office and technical department, along with our project specific contract management teams. Once a project is live our drawing office will produce detailed drawings for approval by the design team using the latest CAD and TEKLA software, in addition to this, design calculations using the latest Metfloor software (as produced by the SCI) are created to verify that the structural engineer’s design is satisfactory. Please note, that these calculations can be produced to either BS 5950 or Eurocodes. Once drawings have been agreed and reach construction stage, materials are delivered to site on our bespoke curtain sided (with retractable roof) articulated vehicles (where applicable). Ready for installation by our directly employed decking teams who are extensively trained and highly mobile to ensure a rapid and efficient response to the customers’ needs.
Stud Welding
Northern Steel Decking are experts when it comes to both straight to steel stud welding and thru deck stud welding, with over 10,000,000 shear connectors fixed in the past decade.  We have a large stock of various different sized shear connectors and our installation teams cover all of the UK. Our bespoke stud welding rigs are designed for ease of access to tight project locations with restrictions on space. In addition to our supply and installation services we also offer supply only if you would prefer to weld the studs yourself. Please get in touch with our Estimating Department on 01909 550054 if you have any shear stud welding requirements.
To complement our floor decking products we offer a complete floor slab construction by adding the supply and laying of reinforced concrete. This single point solution allows a fully integrated metal deck and concrete slab with associated trade interface and program advantages. The vast majority of projects utilise traditional standard mesh reinforcement. Northern Steel Decking lay reinforcement and pour over 150,000 m2 of concrete onto metal decking each year.  As specialists in upper floor construction Northern Steel Decking only offer concreting services onto metal decking. On multi-storey projects whereby the lifting of sheets of mesh reinforcement onto the floors may be problematic, an alternative solution can be Fibredeck. Fibredeck is a composite floor system that uses a combination of Fibermesh micro-synthetic fibres and Novocon steel fibres to provide a 3 dimensional fibre reinforced concrete. Traditionally composite metal deck construction has utilised mesh fabric reinforcement (as stated above) this has involved the delivery, lifting and installation of welded wire mesh on to the floor prior to the pouring of concrete. Fibredeck reinforcement is provided within the concrete, delivered and ready to pump at site. Whilst Fibredeck is generally more expensive than traditional mesh reinforcement, the benefits of Fibredeck are: Please get in touch with our Estimating Department to discuss the options for concreting onto metal decking on 01909 550054.