To complement our floor decking products we offer a complete floor slab construction by adding the supply and laying of reinforced concrete. This single point solution allows a fully integrated metal deck and concrete slab with associated trade interface and program advantages.

The vast majority of projects utilise traditional standard mesh reinforcement. Northern Steel Decking lay reinforcement and pour over 150,000 m2 of concrete onto metal decking each year.  As specialists in upper floor construction Northern Steel Decking only offer concreting services onto metal decking.

On multi-storey projects whereby the lifting of sheets of mesh reinforcement onto the floors may be problematic, an alternative solution can be Fibredeck. Fibredeck is a composite floor system that uses a combination of Fibermesh micro-synthetic fibres and Novocon steel fibres to provide a 3 dimensional fibre reinforced concrete.

Traditionally composite metal deck construction has utilised mesh fabric reinforcement (as stated above) this has involved the delivery, lifting and installation of welded wire mesh on to the floor prior to the pouring of concrete.

Fibredeck reinforcement is provided within the concrete, delivered and ready to pump at site. Whilst Fibredeck is generally more expensive than traditional mesh reinforcement, the benefits of Fibredeck are:

  • No lifting issues for the installation of mesh reinforcement.
  • The inclusion of Fibermesh micro-synthetic fibres are proven to reduce plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking. They are also proven to mitigate the explosive spalling tendency of concrete during fires, because they melt and release volatile steam pressure in the concrete.
  • Easier concrete placement – whereas there is no trip hazard from mesh.

Please get in touch with our Estimating Department to discuss the options for concreting onto metal decking on 01909 550054.